What is KWINDOO?

Track sailing differently

KWINDOO platform is an entirely new experience in presenting a sailing regatta. Visualization is vital for all;
organizer-administrators, regatta racers, viewers and with new increased value for sponsors.

KWINDOO provides an easy way of regatta tracking without the hassle with external hardware and all the advantages of mainstream mobile technology.


Your smartphone is more than your tracker

Join organized regatta events worldwide. See the racecourse on your device. Any changes in buoy positions along the race track become visible for all racers in real time.

Get instant messages from the organizers and the Race Committee.

In case use the Emergency call function with GPS position log. The organizers will see the position where you started the call.

Keep practicing and use the individual sports tracker function with Self-Tracking. In addition, set up small sailing events and invite your friends to participate.

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Self-Tracking for practicing and having fun with friends

Keep practicing and use the individual sports tracker function with Self-Tracking.

In addition, set up small sailing events and invite your friends to participate.

Performance analytics

Heat-map type performance analytics on your mobile. Amazing track details, outstanding accuracy.

Data include:

Speed – Maximum/Average
Completed waypoints
Race time – Sailing time

In-depth analytics with head on head direct comparison up to three selected opponents on the KWINDOO website.

For both professional and amateur sailors

See what professional sailors think about KWINDOO.

Eric Monnin – Albert Riele Swiss Team / Gonet
Karol Jablonski – Jablonski Sailing Team
Vladimir Lipavsky – OST Legal Sailing Team
Dejan Presen – Lumba Match Race Team


Be part of the excitement

Use KWINDOO for an immersive experience and follow your friend or family in real time while sail-racing. Leaderboard, real-time tracking with sensational details, newsfeed style comments, photos, and engaging video footage or video streams on important moves.

The entire fleet is visible in real time tracking
Search for and follow selected boats
Comparing racers
Newsfeed status updates about the regatta with photos and videos
Live video stream integration

Watch regatta events

Follow regattas with your smartphone

No boring grain of rice on the blue nothing anymore! Immersive-style experience with lots of details on your mobile or tablet.

See the entire fleet in real time tracking
Search for and follow selected individual boats
Compare racers: pick two boats and see details
Newsfeed status updates about the regatta with photos and videos
Augmented reality in the LiveView app
Live video stream integration

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Live video coverage

Option for an integrated live video stream for the best viewer experience and engagement on both, mobile and desktop.

Watch an actual replay


The ultimate solution for Race Committes

Create your basic event with 3 easy steps. Event name, location, and start date. Your event is up and live!

Create race schedule and itinerary with virtual marks.

No need for external GPS hardware to your participants
Unlimited participating boats
Full overview and control of the event
Emergency call with position log
Messaging to the entire fleet
Live video stream capability
Several new advertising spaces
Exposure, visibility, and monetization

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Control the race course with your smartphone

Race Committee app is for syncing the location of your virtual marks with the real bouy positions.
KWINDOO organizer account needed!

More Race Committee features are coming soon!

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Next-Gen advertisement and sponsorship opportunity for brands

A common drawback of advertising in sailing races or sponsoring sailing events for brands is that the public does not widely see these.

KWINDOO, a new paradigm in sailing is a change for all those wanting to reach a targeted, scalable, local or global audience in a noiseless and efficient environment.

Reach of a scalable fan base
High-value interactive involvement of fans
Low advertising noise
Strong user to content connection
Great trust channel
Focused and continuous user attention
Valuable content of interest
Returning visitors
Long-lasting/extended/repetitive media presence
Ads in live regatta broadcasting and the replay
Associate the represented brand/message with a value

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Basic sponsoring elements

Sponsor logo

Logo display on the top of the news feed.
Not clickable.

Newsfeed banner

Simple banner display, mixed with the newsfeed content. Clickable.

Pop up banner

Simple pop up banner comes up time to time. Clickable, can be image or video.

Advertising features integrated into our maps

Watermark logo

Logo displayed on the map like a watermark. Best use on water area, near marks. Suitable for global sponsors, brands. Not clickable.

Point of interest (POI)

Clickable pin on a specific location, available in 3 different sizes. Suitable for local businesses.

See our map advertisements in action

Watch an actual replay


Follow and understand a regatta without getting bored

Expect for extended exposure
via the replay function

Check performance with easy,
yet deep insights

Expose your brand or
advert locally and globally

Contact us if you have any questions.

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Track sailing differently